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"I discovered Kev's Lounge quite by accident, whilst searching for downloadable tiles for a new D&D campaign. The quality is excellent and with a little work, our campaign now has doors, tiles and counters that will truly enhance the tactile and visual aspect of our campaign, providing our gaming miniatures with great surroundings. Acquiring the free downloads is easy, though with some initial hiccups which were solved by Kev's quick response to emailed questions. Recommended to all fantasy gamers using 25mm miniatures."
Michael Johnson, Australia

"Thanks-a-million! Your products are amazing! I just wanted to let you know. I'll surely point any other gamers I meet your way."
Robert Fernandez, United States

"I discovered Kev's works when his first papercraft building, "The Humble Hovel", was submitted on the Cardboard Warriors forum. I'm not really a card model builder, I'm more interested in paper minis, but this his little scenery piece truly impressed me. Clear, simple, colorful, complex and complete ... simultaneously. With a single word: perfect. IMHO.
Then I saw all his other works,  the scenery and accessories. Many are free, but they are of the same high quality as his commercial products. The care and the attention to detail are the same. The few commercial products available offer real value for money... very low cost and very high technical and artist quality. I hope there will be more in the future!
All of them are really useful and very beautiful, and no player should miss them.
Now Kevin is venturing into paper miniatures production, and I'm even happier. His first set is already as perfect as the first building he published.
And now I can't wait for his next set, the moddable skeleton skirmishers. I think that they will be yet another assured success.
Thanks very much, Kev."
Giorgio G. Pedrazzi, Italy