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About Us

The Background and Beginnings of Papercraft Dungeon...
 There is a long and boring tale that leads to the existence of Papercraft Dungeon, but in the interests of keeping things interesting, I'll try and keep it short and skip the dull bits. Kevin Richard John Berry, that's me, has always loved playing games. As a kid it was Risk, and then thanks to a fantastic little computer game by the name of Quest For Glory 2, he took a liking to RPGs and soon branched into good old Dungeons and Dragons, the old fashioned kind where a thief was a human and an elf was an elf. It was a short jump to move on the ADVANCED Dungeons and Dragons from there, and then through a twisted route (involving Magic: The Gathering of all things) he discovered his life long love of miniatures. His very first set of dungeon tiles came about as a result of frustration in describing the elaborate rooms he'd designed to whichever player had taken on the task of being the party cartographer. These simple tiles drawn on an A3 page, in pencil on a 2 inch grid, had the added benefit of acting as a handy little battleground for the group's collection of miniatures (which we thought, incorrectly, were beautifully painted) to skirmish about on.
Years went by, and Kevin and his crew went through a Warhammer and Mordheim phase, and Kevin finally learnt to do an awesome job of painting up miniatures, and spent many an hour creating elaborate ruined buildings out of scraps of corrugated board and polyfilla, painted up to beautiful perfection, when he could find the time and energy to actually put in the effort to finish them. Kevin had also finished school and had begun work as a graphic designer, and in around 2004 the first glimmer of what would eventually become the Kev's Lounge concept had already begun to shine. The initial plan was to create a wealth of textures that could be printed on demand and supplied to model builders and architects... And of course, that was a fantastic idea, if one wanted to do hundreds of hours of work and make next to nothing for one's efforts, so Kevin instead sunk all of his time into a design business dealing with advertising and other corporate kinda stuff for several more years.
In 2008 www.kevslounge.blogspot.com was launched, and the first few dungeon sets went on line and were very well received. Papercraft Dungeon is the natural extension of that, bringing the best papercraft gaming accessories, from talented and unique artists to the internet for a fair and reasonable price, to allow skilled artists to earn money doing something that they are passionate about, while making some truly awesome, useful and beautiful pieces available to the gaming community.

What is Papercraft Dungeon all about?
Papercraft Dungeon offers an ever growing range of papercraft gaming accessories including Tokens, Dungeon Tiles, and 3 Dimensional Papercraft Scenery Pieces, optimised for home printing. Our products are currently all provided digitally.
We believe that papercraft products are one of the best resources available to anyone who plays table top games, and we strive to provide the best quality available. We handpick every artist on our roster, and every product in our shops has been edited and measured up against our high standards to ensure that it will be a beautiful addition to any games table.
Our design philosophy can be stated simply as "Make it useful, Make it practical, Make it AWESOME!"

Getting in touch with Papercraft Dungeon
Our offices are located in Johannesburg, South Africa.
The best way to reach us would be through the Contact Us link above, or you could simply e-mail us at info@papercraftdungeon.com.
If you really insist on doing things the old fashioned way, we pick up our snail mail at
P.O. Box 177,
South Africa

Frequently asked questions
Aren't papercraft models really fragile?
Well, yes and no. For the most part, a papercraft model is pretty sturdy. When built from the right materials and and reinforced appropriately, it could be strong enough to withstand about as much punishment as your plastic and metal miniatures could. If you're not particularly heavy handed with the pieces, and you store them properly in between game sessions, the paper models could last you years, A papercraft modelis, however, particularly vulnerable to spills. Inkjet inks are water soluble and can run, or completely dissolve if the printed surface gets wet. Paper, of course, doesn't do too well with moisture either, as it absorbs the water and this causes it to dry warped and wrinkled. and a wet papercraft model is pretty vulnerable to tearing. There are some precautions you can take to limit this risk, such as applying a coat of paper varnish, which is available in spray cans at most good stationers. The best defense against this risk is to keep the models away from liquids. If one of your models does get damaged however, it is a simple matter to print out the replacement parts and do some easy repairs.

What makes papercraft models better than plastic/wooden/resin/plaster kits?
Each type of kit has it's own advantages and disadvantages, but the real advantage of a papercraft model kit is that while the others require painting, the papercraft model is already fully coloured and simply needs to be glued together. Secondly, the papercraft model generally comes with loads of rich, fine detail that would take literally hundreds of hours and infinite patience to achieve with a brush and paint. With papercraft models, even a mediocre modeller could fill his games table with beautiful scenery in a fraction of the time it would take a skilled modeller to build and paint up plastic kits, and at a fraction of the cost. A final benefit of a papercraft model kit purchased from us, is that if you can print multiple copies of each page, giving you many models off of a single purchase, and easy access to unlimited replacement parts if they are needed.

To all of you, from all of us at PapercraftDungeon.com - Thank you!

Kevin RJ Berry
Founder of Papercraft Dungeon and Artist on all Kev's Lounge Products